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Connection to Mosenex

1. Connection to Mosenex as a Trading Participant (broker)

2. Connection to Mosenex as a client of the Trading Participant

Receipt of the exchange intermediarys licence and the exchange brokers licence

RTS Electronic Document Management (EDM)


  • to trade for and on behalf of own name and account;
  • to trade in own name on behalf of the clients;
  • to service the clients;
  • to control the clients trade in the course of trade.

Requirements towards Trading Participant (broker):

  • Inclusion into the Futures Section of the Moscow Energy Exchange;
  • Admittance fee for trade access (tariffs, banking details for the wire transfer);
  • Clearing contract signing with RTS Clearing House ;
  • Pledge funds to the Futures Section Contingency Fund (tariffs, banking details for the wire transfer RUB, USD);
  • Valid exchange intermediarys licence

Futures trading requirements:

  • Accredit at least one trader and produce the following documents to the Exchange for each accredited person:
    • power of attorney;
    • notarised copy of an exchange brokers licence.
  • Pledge funds to secure both own trades and the clients trades;
  • Install trading terminal.

List of documents for registering at the Futures Section of the exchange:

  • Futures Section application form;
  • Trade Participants Survey;
  • Two signed copies of the Futures Section Services Contract (the Contract should be bound together with the exchange regulations for the Futures Section of JSC Mosenex);
  • Notarised copy of applicants exchange intermediarys licence;
  • Traders power of attorney and notarised copies of traders exchange brokers licences;
  • Notarised copy of applicants Certificate of State Registration (applicants registered prior to July 1, 2002 submit notarised copy of registration Certificate of Unified State Register);
  • Notarised copy of applicants duly registered registration documents;
  • Notarised copy of applicants entry into the Unified State Register;
  • Notarised copy of tax registration certificate;
  • Original or a notarised copy of a bank card with the specimen of signatures of authorised persons and an impress of applicants seal;
  • Notarised copy of the applicants Director appointment (unless the sole executive body is a management company), where a notarised copy transfer of powers of the sole executive body to the managing organisation, as well as a copy of the contract (without a commercial part) on the transfer of powers of the sole executive body certified by signature of the authorised person of the applicant and the seal of the applicant;
  • Notarised copy of a licence for banking operations (for credit companies);
  • Notarised copy confirming the approval of Director of a credit company by the local affiliate of the State Bank of Russia (for credit companies);
  • Either the Power of attorney for persons signed underneath the application, trade participants survey, and (or) the agreement with the Futures Section or their notarised copies;
  • Subscription list to the Agreement on the Use of Manual Signature Analogue in both the trading and clearing systems of the futures and options sections of JSC Mosenex.

IMPORTANT! Documents which contain more than one sheet should be bound.

Documents for registration with the Clearing House:

Registration of clients:

For registration of a client with the Clearing House, the Trading Participant shall submit the application for opening a client registry.

Installation of exchange Trading Terminal:

Any company or individual, a resident or non-resident, may trade futures at the Moscow Energy Exchange as a client of a Trading Participant. For this approach, it is necessary to sign a service agreement with either of the accredited Trading Participants (brokers).

A list of accredited brokers:

  • OLMA Investment Firm
  • JSC Piter Trust Investment Company
  • JSC Investment Company ITInvest
  • OTKRITIE Brokerage house JSC
  • IC Vektor
  • BCS Ltd
  • OJSC Investment Company Zerich Capital Management
  • Rye, Man and Gor

For further information please contact the Derivatives trading department at +7 (495) 228-80-91 or by e-mail:

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